Welcome to Tom's Website!

Tom Price is a professional drummer currently based in Aberdare, South Wales. 


He has over ten years of experience performing and recording with various bands/artists all over the U.K and Europe. He also has over four years of experience working as a private drum tutor teaching people of all ages how to play the drums.  


On this website, you'll find everything you need to know about Tom. You can read his Biography, check his Gig List, learn all about his Lessons, see some Photos/Videos of him playing, read his Blog and Contact him.

www.drumteachers.co.uk - Check out Tom's profile on this great website for drum tutors! 


www.ecymbals.co.uk - Click here for some great deals on kits/cymbals/cases e.t.c!


samtennant.wix.com/see-no-evil - A music/book review site featuring contributions from Tom!